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We are currently in the process of updating the Post-Conviction Justice Project’s website. Within the week, the Post-Conviction Justice Project will be accessible from the University of Southern California Law School’s official website at justice.usc.edu, as well as at uscpcjp.com and uscpcjp.org.

Our goal with the new PCJP website is to keep potential clients and students up-to-date on life in the clinic, as well as news regarding the parole system and juvenile justice in California. To that end, many of the distractions of our previous website, such as links leading away from the clinic webspace, have been removed. The overall look of the site has been streamlined, and we now place new developments (such as planned PCJP reunions or breaking developments related to parole) right on the front page.

At the top of every page are some of PCJP’s most notable past and present clients. On the left is Marisol Garcia, who was recently released and reunited with her family in Mexico. You can read about her difficult story below and our long fight to help secure her release. In the center is Sandra Davis-Lawrence, the former PCJP client whose case in the California Supreme Court changed the landscape of the parole system in California, and her student representative Christopher Mock. On the right is student representative Adam Reich and former client Connie Keel, released following a media blitz that Adam helped organize in support of her grant of parole. Adam, Connie, and faculty supervisor Mike Brennan later appeared on Good Morning America to discuss Connie’s release.