For more than 40 years, PCJP has been tirelessly advocating for persons who are incarcerated

The Post-Conviction Justice Project at USC Gould School of Law fights for second chances — through parole representation, parole-readiness workshops in prisons, courtroom representation and legislative advocacy. 

 A clinical program directed by professors Heidi Rummel and Michael Brennan with certified law student interns, PCJP works with men and women — many sentenced to life-terms for crimes committed in their youth over 20 or 30 years ago. Since 2008, PCJP has co-sponsored or written nearly every juvenile justice bill in California, impacting tens of thousands of lives.


Taking the Lead

Through litigation and, most broadly, through legislation, PCJP has led the way toward hope for incarcerated youth. Since 2008, PCJP has written or co-sponsored nearly every juvenile…

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“We believe in the power of hope.”

Heidi Rummel

Clients Assisted
Law Students and Alumni
Life-Term Clients Released
Workshops in 20 Prisons
Life-Without-Parole Clients Released​

Hope: The Post-Conviction Justice Project

“The clinic plants little seeds of hope around the prison yards … and people start to change.”

— Charles, 2020 Client

Experiential Learning

“Law school classes taught me to think like an attorney, but PCJP made me an attorney.”

— Alex Hurd, JD 2016