Raised in Tijuana, Marisol Garcia was forced to work from the age of seven and severely beaten if she returned home empty-handed. Marisol was trafficked into the United States at age 13 and sold for the price of her $200 smuggling fee to a man who drugged her, raped her, and informed her she belonged to him.

Marisol Garcia was an active member in Convicted Women Against Abuse at the California Institution for Women.

From the age of 13 until her incarceration for the commitment offense at 19, she suffered daily beatings and unspeakable abuse by that man. He terrorized her with threats to kill her, her family, and their young son. Ultimately, she was convicted and sentenced to life for his crimes

Marisol served nearly 19 years of her 25 years-to-life sentence for the crimes of her abuser.

Although Marisol entered prison damaged from a lifetime of abuse with almost no formal education, she built an exemplary institutional record.  She is fluent in English and earned her Graduate Equivalency Degree.  She has given back to her community through volunteer activities — sharing Mexican culture, providing assistance to economically disadvantaged families, and teaching aerobics to other inmates.

Marisol was reunited with her family in Mexico in August, 2011.