Newly released from prison, PCJP clients shared their journeys recently at a special event at USC Gould, “Stories of Lost Childhood: Children Serving Adult Sentences.”

Gary “Malachi” Scott, Anna Humiston and Michael Mendoza were convicted and sentenced as juveniles to life terms in prison. After stellar records of rehabilitation, they were released following decades in prison thanks to PCJP’s work on changing laws affecting juvenile offenders.

Scott, a juvenile offender released from San Quentin Prison, discussed the group he co-founded, Kid C.A.T. at San Quentin. “It became my lifeline,” he said. “I had a purpose and I continue to have purpose. That is to help young people avoid the huge mistakes I made.”

Pictured: (left to right) Michael Mendoza, Anna Humiston and Gary “Malachi” Scott

Originally published in Spring/Summer 2015 Clinical Perspectives