PCJP: Over 75 Lifers Released

For more than thirty years, the Post-Conviction Justice Project has represented thousands of clients before state and federal parole boards, and in both the state and federal court systems.  For the past twenty years, students in the Project have represented state prisoners, mostly women incarcerated at the California Institution for Women, serving life-term sentences for murder convictions.  Many committed crimes related to a history of physical or sexual abuse, and some were convicted for killing their abusers.  PCJP client Rose Parker, now Dr. Rose Parker-Sterling, was one of only three life-term inmates to be released on parole under then-Governor Gray Davis.  Her release in 2000 marked the first in an ever-growing number of PCJP clients to be released.



Sign the Petition to Parole 65-year-old Glenda Jo Virgil

Glenda Jo Virgil, 65, has served 25 years for killing her physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive partner who, after beating Ms. Virgil for several hours, threatened to kill her to prevent her from leaving him. Ms. Virgil is wheelchair-bound and in poor health. In September, doctors diagnosed Ms. Virgil with…


Free: Sandra Davis-Lawrence

In a defining case for the California parole system, the Post-Conviction Justice Project successfully argued before the California Supreme Court that longtime inmate Sandra Davis-Lawrence’s due process rights had been violated by the Governor’s reversal of her grant of parole.